Hello! - December 30, 2003

Hi, my name is Liv Collins. My birthday is October 2nd; I am 7 now. My favorite sea creature is a dolphin. My favorite land animal is a cat. I like to run races, read books, and draw pictures! I am going to write some journal entries here about our boat adventure from my point of view....... Here is a picture of me:

I think that it is really boring to go to the boat when I could be playing! But I do get to watch a lot of movies while Mom and Dad work. We don't get much cable TV out on the island that we live on now (we live at my Granny's house since November). I really hated to rent our house out because I thought that it was really nice. I think that on the trip I might see a mermaid!!! Here is a story I wrote about a mer-cat:

Serena & the sea monster

story and clay illustrations by liv collins

Once upon a time, deep below the Caribbean Sea, there was a young mer-cat named Serena. One day she was swimming along looking for shells when she saw a very strange shell. It was bright, bright pink and when she touched it it was as hot as the sun!

Suddenly, just when she touched the shell, a huge sea monster with one gigantic eye rose up from the depths and grabbed her!

She thought that she would NEVER get loose from the gigantic tentacle, but .........

A black paw reached out and slapped the tentacle! It hurt so much that the tentacle went down, down, down back into the depths... never to be seen again. The black paw turned out to be a very handsome boy mer-cat. Serena and the black cat fell in love and lived happily ever after.



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House Sitting - March 23, 2004

We are living at the Robertson's now because we are house sitting. I like to live here because I am not late for school and on the island I sometimes was. They have a cat and a dog. Here are pictures of them.

The cat is Brinca and the dog is Jubilee (Jubs). We haven't been to the boat much so there's not much to write about that! We haven't been to the boat a lot because we've had bad weather and the boat is outside. When we went to the Boat Show it was very boring. All I did was sit around. But when we went to the (CCA) cocktail party, I met Olin Stephens and even got his autograph in my diary!!!! Olin Stephens is a famous boat designer, in case you don't know. Here is Mom and Dad at the cocktail party.


Here is some "late island life news"...... I forgot to tell you that we've gotten into the habit of feeding the ducks. They are very tame now. In the spring, we think that they will bring their ducklings with them. It already is spring!!! Not much longer to go now!!! One time I saw an extra male besides Tim (the male Mallard of the whole flock). The rest are females.

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Osprey - May 5, 2004

When I was out on my bike ride today, I went on the paths and I saw an osprey. First it was on the ground and then it flew up into the tree beside me. Then it flew away. After it flew away, I rode to the Moon Garden (a little patio that overlooks the water that has 2 chairs and a beautiful garden. It's a very good place to see the moon.) When I rode my bike over there, guess who circled and flapped above me? The osprey! The feathers on ospreys are very very pretty, even though they are dull brown and little bit of brown hinted to the white.

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My Summer - September 10,2004

Lots of Places-

We have gone to lots of places. Here is a list of places we sailed to, in order:

  • Pemaquid, Maine
  • Tenant's Harbor, Maine
  • Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Long Island, Maine
  • Swan's Island, Maine
  • Blue Hill, Maine
  • Buck's Harbor, Maine
  • We are in Rockland, Maine, right now.

Sailing is Boring - (for me)

Sailing is boring for me. All I get to do is sit in my cabin and read. I don't like my life jacket but I have to put it on to go outside. Another name for my life jacket is, "Stinky horrible thing that should be flushed down the head!" (A head is a toilet on a boat. Flushing it is hard.) Sometimes I run out of books to read. Then I have to draw. When we are on long passages I sleep. Sometimes I take naps, even when we aren't on passage.

Blue Hill

Two things happened at Blue Hill. One was the fair; we also hiked the Blue Hill. The fair at Blue Hill is thought to be the inspiration for the fair in Charlotte's Web by E. B. White. There were Sheepdog Trials there. I won two prizes at the game booths and ate cotton candy. We went on the cool ferris wheel. It was right next to the merry-go-round so there was lots of music. La-la-la. I had a hot dog for lunch

Hiking Blue Hill was so tiring but it was fun. When we got to the top there was a big tower. We stood on it at least half-way up and saw our boat in the harbor. Mom climbed all the way to the top. Dad and I stayed down. I tried to catch some of the bright green grasshoppers that hopped around on the rocks. I did not succeed at all. We spent two hours hiking. That's a long time going up and down a mountain!

Yucky Yarmouth and the things I got there

The weather in Yarmouth was yucky! It was fog, fog and more -yes- fog! There was a little educational toy store where Mom got some of my homeschooling books and I got a cute little Siamese Beanie Baby that I named "Josephine". She is rare. I also got a 6-pack of those little bubble gums that you get from a gum ball machine... for 50 cents Canadian. Six of those from a gumball machine would normally be a dollar fifty! I was very lucky. Dad and I went to an abandoned house boat. It was an old fishing schooner that had a castle built on top of it. Kingfishers had a nest in there. At least that's what we think. We saw lots of them flying around. Here is a picture:

Here is a picture of the beach on Long Island. It was sooooo pretty!

AugustSept 2004 012.jpg
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A Sail with Granddad - September 13, 2004

Over the weekend, Granddad (Scott) came sailing with us to Little Hurricane Island. On Little Hurricane Island there were: BIG crabs and little beach peas! We had them for dinner. Unfortunately, Granddad couldn't join us. I did not like the crab. I know. I tasted a meaty claw. In my opinion, "Yuck!"

The End.

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SWEET DAISY - September 17, 2004

Yesterday when we were visiting Pemaquid, we visited the graveyard by the fort. My mom and dad gave me a card. "That's weird," I thought, "it's not my birthday yet. My birthday is October 2nd."

Just then, a red car that I had never seen before drove up. Dad and Mom said that they had gotten me an early birthday present. I was confused! Dad said that the people in the car were the Orcutts. They asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said, "A kitten!" They said, "How about an old blanket?"

They handed me a pink blanket. It felt a little heavy to be just a blanket. Just then, a little whiskered, big-eared, furry face popped up from the depths of the blanket. It was a Sealpoint Siamese kitten! I was surprised!

When we were walking back to our boat we were deciding on a name. I thought maybe Josephine. I did not agree with myself. So then I came up with the name Daisy. When we took her back to the boat she slept the whole day. I slept with her at night so she wouldn't be scared. The next day all she wanted to do was explore and play. Watching her is like an all-day comedy show!

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Daisy Update - January 3, 2005

Hello to anyone who is reading this page! We are in Miami Beach, Florida and it is very hot. I haven't written for a long time and I am sorry for the delay. Daisy is our newest crewmember, as you probably already know. here are some  "before" and "after" pictures of her. If you don't like cats, I suggest you skip this page!

This is the "halloween cat" pose:

This is Daisy in my Barbie's cape. Doesn't it look good on her?

Here are some other pictures of  Daisy. If you are bored with Daisy pictures, I think that you should go to the next page....

Here is a picture of my room!!!!

This is Daisy in my Barbie's cape. Doesn't it look good on her?

Here are some other pictures of  Daisy. If you are bored with Daisy pictures, I think that you should go to the next page....

Here is a picture of my room!!!!

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Wild Ponies! - January 3, 2005

First encounter...

The first time we saw wild ponies was in Beaufort, North Carolina. I saw them with several of my friends from other boats. My close encounter was made with Virginia from Tempe Teh, Martha from Taku, and Margaret from Mystic. We were going to see the horses, as I had earlier that day with Mom and Dad, but we were by ourselves! We were going to the other side of the island, where they were before, when they crossed right in front of the path we were on! Out of quick-thinking we immediately stopped talking and crouched down. Thankfully, the horses didn't see us, but we sure got a close-up of them! We were talking loudly (not paying attention) so we could have been trampled! It was pretty scary but cool at the same time. There was a stallion, a young stallion, a mare and a foal. There was also a lone mare, not part of the herd. Later on, we went looking again. This time, with grown-ups and Matt and Alex from Alohomora. Matt thought he heard a whinney but it turned out that there wasn't a horse to be seen. Here are some pictures of them from my visit with Mom and Dad:

P.U.!!! There was horse poop everywhere! But aren't these hoof prints really cool?

Second encounter with horses.....

I have another encounter to tell you about. This one is probably even cooler! We were at Cumberland Island, on the Georgia coast, very close to Florida, when it happened. Margaret, Martha and I were looking at the horses in a field right next to the dinghy dock and we picked out horses and named them. We tried to get as close as we could to them, but not too close. I picked a white foal I named "Snowflake"  and Margaret picked her mother. We went over to see them and when it was time to go we turned around and Snowflake followed us!!! We turned around because Margaret whispered to me, "I think there's a foal following us!" and sure enough, there was Snowflake. She stopped when we did, and then we turned around and kept going until we were at the edge of the field. Snowflake hesitated as if torn between us and her herd, and finally chose her herd. (We don't have any horse milk, do we?) There is picture on her of her and her mother. I think that it is strange that she is white because no one else in her herd is. There is a beautiful black stallion, though.

Later when we went to the ruins of Dungeness (a beautiful old mansion that was burned by fire) we saw tons more horses. That's just about it.... except that their tails were very, very long... and aren't those two black  "lovebirds" sweet?

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Trip updates from the fall and winter

Marion, Massachucetts, mid-October, 2004.

Dad was explaining our encounter with Poco the whale (see Mom's page here) on shore, when Mom and I finally got the right CD..... Madonna!

Daytona Beach, Florida, November 26, 2004.

Mom was making dinner down below but she caught a lot of this. The sunset and the giant harvest moon are very pretty, don't you think so?

This is my room. That's just about it....... except for Disneyworld!

Orlando, Florida, December 2, 2004.

Granny's terrific present to us was taking us to Disneyworld. The carousel, which I went on 5 times, was very colorful, but the music was delayed because of a "sword-in-the-stone" presentation. Later I went on it again and the music was on. We went on the roller coasters, Big Thunder Mountain (eek!), Space Mountain (get me off of here!), and Splash Mountain (wet!). Only Dad and I went on Splash Mountain. Mom and Granny had no desire to get wet. Granny didn't go on any of them actually. In fact when we came off Big Thunder we thought she was L-O-S-T. But it turned out she was waiting for us right there. When we had lunch, Mom got a giant hamburger: and I thought I was messy! We didn't go on A Small Small World, thank goodness! We went on a bunch of other rides and took the trolley and the ferry, too. Daisy had a very good time (and was a very good kitty) at the pet sitter there (Disneyworld). Here are some of the other rides we went on: Pirates of the Caribbean (terrific!), Haunted Mansion (I got a glow-in-the-dark Haunted Mansion T-shirt as a souvenir), Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (Granny did not come because last time we went to Disneyworld she sprained her toe on it and it still hurts!), Race-track Cars (I barely made the height thingy, I was just big enough!).

Christmas 2004:

Very hot!!! It didn't seem natural for it to be hot on Christmas but it was a pretty good Christmas all the same. This is a picture of Mom and I with the wreath. We gathered branches from Oleta park and made it. That's tell-tale (sailcloth) material for the bow. Funny, huh? We were in Miami Beach for Christmas and we STILL ARE!!

Sea Girls is a club made up of Natalia and Danielle (of Oreneta), Jenna (of Galadriel, who we hope to cross to the Bahamas with - but that's another story!), and me! I am President, Natalia is treasurer, Danielle is file-keeper, and Jenna is the messenger. We all have secret names, but I can't tell you those: they are secrets!! Daisy is a small voter, since we were in a critical situation in voting for president. I hope to play with Jenna tomorrow, but Oreneta has left. That's all for now, folks!

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Update from Virgin Gorda, BVI

I haven't made an update since before the Bahamas so here it is. In the Bahamas I made lots of friends. Their boat names are: Alohomora, Linnett II, Taku, Adrianna II, Galadriel, Sangeala, Venerable, Oreneta and Mystic. While in the Bahamas, I went to a (local) school at Black Point. We went home for lunch, which is different from my regular school. The other cruiser kid in the picture is Jenna of Galadriel.

I also had a big bonfire at Big Major's Spot with Mustic, Alohomora, Linnet II, and Taku. Here is a picture of it:

At Musha Cay in the Exumas, we found 128 sand dollars, exactly. I kept nine tiny ones, three of them broke. (This may sound like a math problem, sorry, but it's a school day!)


At Conception Island, there was a mother dolphin and her baby that liked to come and play with us. On the other side of the island we climbed a big cliff and had a sailing boat regatta. We made the boats out of foam and junk that we found around the beach. My trimaran, the Fifth Gift, came in fifth place. What a coincidence! It flipped over to win. The kids that participated in the regatta were Jenna and Matias (of Galadriel), Martha of Taku, Margaret and Albert (of Mystic), David (from Contented Turtle), and the dad Rich from Galadriel.

After the Bahamas we went to the Turks & Caicos. My Uncle Josh and Aunt Lisa came and visited us there. (Check my mother's page for details.) There's one thing that only Josh, Lisa and I participated in at the beach, though: we built a champion sand castle town, with 3 sand castles, one field, and two villages. We made up a story about the people in these castles. We found a Coca-Cola bottle and used it as a rocket. It was very funny! We took turns making up the story, like this: I said, "There once was a princess, Lily", and Aunt Lisa said, "she had blonde hair and blue eyes," and Uncle Josh would say, "and she was in love with handsome Prince Whatayacallit." And we continued on like this for the whole game until it was time to go. The two kings were competing for their kingdoms and they forbade their children (Prince Whatayacallit and Princess Lily) from visiting each other. Here's a picture of our magnificent sand castles:

In the above pictures, I'm, making the roads and Uncle Josh is making Gramma Rosie's Heart Castle. Next is the Scottish castle of Door:

In April, in Puerto Rico, I got my hair cut short. I sort of look like a boy now, as you can see in the picture. It's better because I don't have to spend about 10 minutes every day having my hair braided and screaming. It saves my voice.


Now we are in Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. We met up with some kids on a boat called Flying Shadow. In about half an hour we'll go to the Internet Cafe with them. We kids will go to the game room and then maybe the beach.

The next update will be in a while, so goodbye for now.

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Update from Hog Island Anchorage, Grenada - June 17, 2005

Dad has just given me a brush that does not work for the paint he is using. He gave it to me to represent a broom in Harry Potter, but Daisy likes it more than I do! (You should know by know who she is.) I throw it for her and she brings it back with the bristle part in her mouth and the handle dragging on the ground. I am holding it at my side right now and she actually jumped for it. She's used to playing "fetch" with the Super Ball, but now she's using this brush!

She also does this weird thing where she opens her mouth and sort of pants like a dog; I think it's because she's hot. She usually does it after playing. Does anybody have any advice?

About a week ago, I learned how to climb onto the boom, which is difficult because we do not have a hard dodger. (A dodger is sort of like the windshield over the cockpit. Ours is made out of  cloth so you can't climb on it. Some people have their dodgers made out of fiberglass.) Sometimes I read up there and a couple of days ago I ate my breakfast up there. It's very tricky right now because we have the rain-catcher up which blocks the winches I use as steps to climb up.

Last week we met up with Galadriel, who we have not seen for more than a month. They just left again last night to go to Trinidad. Jenna and Matthias (I think I have written about them before) are on Galadriel with their mother and father, Pam and Rich. Jenna and I and a couple of other girls used to have a club called "Sea Girls", but now it's "Sea Kids" since Matthias is in it too. We made burgees for Galadriel and ourselves, and whenever we're in the same anchorage we fly them!

We went on a tour the day before yesterday with Galadriel and Williwaw, who we just met. The girl on Williwaw is 10 years old and named Jessica, AKA Jessie. We went to a waterfall and I jumped off the miniature waterfall's cliff edge by myself. Then we went to the nutmeg factory and all the kids got nutmeg nuts. Then we went to the chocolate factory and tasted the light chocolate and the dark chocolate which they made from the cocoa. Finally we went to the rum factory, which my mother and father liked. They said that the rum was too strong, though.  I say the smell was really strong!

Here is the waterfall. First, Dad and I are jumping. Second, Jessie and I are standing side by side.

First, nutmeg factory. Second, cocoa tree (we didn't get a picture of the chocolate factory)

Crushing sugar cane for rum at the rum factory:

Yesterday we watched Harry Potter III with Galadriel and then they had to leave to go to Trinidad. Then my father and I went to a barbeque but my mother stayed home. She was too tired. I met the ten-year-old girl on Jackabite named McKinley and we played pool and watched a movie. We had a pattern when we hit the balls into the pockets: solid-striped-solid-striped. She will come over after lunch. Now I will choose some pictures!

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Update from Margarita, Venezuela - August 17, 2005

Hi, everybody. It's me again. First let me tell you about the passage to Trinidad. UGH. Now let me tell you about Trinidad. Not so ugh. Our friends,Sangaela, were there and we (that is, Sarah (8) & I) played regularly. (See Mom's page for details.) Now let me tell you about the passage to Venezuela (Ven-ez-whale-uh) :UGH . Venezuela is, well,



I just had a sleepover with Sarah (wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) and a dental appointment (bleeeeeeeeeeeech). Now I will show some pictures:

Well, that's all. 'Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Update from Cartagena, Columbia - November 19, 2005

Okay, people. Our computer crashed when we arrived in Tortuga. That's why you haven't been hearing from me.

 After the barren Tortuga, the lush Aves were welcoming. There were paths, birds called boobies, and hermit crabs.

When we arrived inColumbia, engine disabled, we came into Five Bays, a nook surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

When we left, we came here, to Cartagena (car-tuh-hey-nuh). We went into Club Nautico, a marina, and had Halloween there. We went trick-or-treating then attended the Halloween party. (I was a demon. My horns were that of the 7# lobster.)

Now we have left and are in the anchorage. Mom and Dad went to the vegetable market and bought a ton.

p.S. All of this page-words, typing, photos-was done entirely by me. THANK YOU!

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Update from Great Bridge, Virginia, USA - May 15, 2006

Hi...sorry I haven't been writing.

We left Columbia in November to go to the San Blas (Panama), the place that we had been going to when our engine died. We had Thanksgiving at Coco Banderos with our friends on Macy. The husband's birthday just happened to be on that very day. He said that all he really wanted for his fiftieth birthday was for a lady to jump out of his cake. So we made a cake, then dressed up one of my Barbies up in a bikini and positioned her with her legs in the cake.

Then we went to the Swimming Pool, another San Blas site. We had Mom's birthday there. I went to the beach there daily with Jan (pronounced "yan") and David on Haxebase, and Ian on Aquilla. We made a lot of sand palaces for the hermit crabs that populated the island. It was a very clean island because a man named Reggie, who lived with his wife on a boat called Runner, cleaned it up every morning. He had been anchored in that anchorage for several years. They had several fish tanks on board their boat. The wife went out snorkeling every few days to catch new fish for the tank and release the other ones. When I visited the boat (because our propane was down) they had a blenny that the other fish kept trying to eat, a teeny teeny lobster, a cleaning shrimp, and several yellowtail damselfish.

We left there to go to another deserted island. This island had no hermies (hermit crabs) but it did have Yellowtail Snapper! These usually small fish has wonderfully sweet flesh and very small mouths. We caught two very large ones of this fish and a pretty good sized mutton snapper that bit Mom. We left there to go to the island where Granny and Uncle Chris were meeting us. Granny stayed on the island that had a "hotel". These hotel rooms were packed dirt floor, bamboo walls, and palm frond roofs. Uncle Chris slept on the boat. We had Christmas on our boat with them. Granny and I made palm frond fish ornaments for the Christmas tree (which was tinsel.)

In the San Blas, the Kuna indians haven't changed much for hundreds of years. They make long strings of beads, which are then wrapped intricately around wrists or ankles to make beautiful patterns such as animals or spirals. They make intricately sewn panel called "molas" for their blouses. And they make their boats out of burnt logs. They call them "ulus". Mom bought a carved wooden fish for $5. He is a carving of a Little Tunny and we have him mounted on the wall in Zora. He is so cool!

We went back to the Swimming Pool after Granny and Uncle Chris had left. We met our old friends on Williwaw, a trawler, who we had not seen since Grenada. In the meantime, my friend Jesse had gotten a calico kitten, Smudge. Smudge was blind in one eye and had been a stray in Venezuela.

Then we sailed to Providencia with our friends Mandolin. Providencia is a Columbian-owned island but it is off the coast of Nicaragua, which is on the other side of Panama. We had a tour ride around the island in the back of a pickup truck! Haxebase was there and on our last night we had a cookout party at the Port Captain's house. It was raining, that is why I am so wet!

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On to Honduras - May 15, 2006, continued...

We left Providencia to go to the Vivorillos. We happened to be lucky enough to be there when the Frigate birds, or Man O' War birds, were breeding. The males are completely black but with a red throat pouch of skin that they can inflate. When they are sitting in trees it looks like there are apples hanging from the trees. The females are also black but with a white chest and collar. These birds are sea birds but their feathers are not waterproof. They have long curved, hooked bills. On the same island where the frigate birds were breeding, the Red-Footed Boobies were also breeding and having chicks. There were a lot of sand spits in the Vivorillos which proved to be excellent shelling. You might not know, but I have an extensive shell collection. The Vivorillos was a haven for shrimp boats and we got a gigantic, gigantic bag of shrimp from one of the guys which we traded for a couple chocolate bars.

We left there to go to Honduras. One night we had seared ahi (tuna) with Mandolin. There were a lot of flies there so we had put up sticky fly traps to catch them. But Daisy wanted to catch them, too! While we had brownies Daisy got stuck in one of the fly traps! We had to give her a good bath. She spent about an hour licking herself.

We left that island and we went to the Lagoon Marina so that Dad could fly to Las Vegas to work. I used the $100 that Granny had given me to go on a horse tour with Mom, which included a free night at Omega Tours Jungle Lodge. We galloped along the beach and walked along jungle paths. My horse's name was "Molino", which means "ground corn or meal"... he was called that because his mother had something wrong with one of her front legs and so when she walked she looked like a grinding machine. Her name was "grinding machine" in Spanish. So Molino was the "product" of "Grinding Machine". We stayed in the screen room of the jungle lodge. We slept in a room that had screens instead of walls, so we could look out at the jungle but the bugs couldn't get in. We climbed up a hill to see the sunset. We saw the sun set behind a waterfall, and there were many bats zooming about. The nice man there cut me some sugar cane. The next morning we saw Fiery-Billed Toucans!! They were amazing. We also saw a Blue-Crowned Mot-Mot, which has two long feathers on its tail, ending in tear-drop-shaped lobes! He was so cool! Also a Lineated Woodpecker, in the picture below.

When Dad got back from Vegas we went to Roatan. Granddad and Pam visited us there. They stayed at a resort and the first night the whole family went and stayed there. We went to the Iguana Farm, which is a safe haven for iguanas, since the islanders like to eat them. There were also cages full of Scarlet Macaws and Amazon Parrots, not to mention two very spastic monkeys. You could feed the iguanas lettuce, and even pet them! The last night they were there, I went and slept at Pam and Granddad's resort without Mom and Dad. At Roatan we also met our friends on Chewink and Good Hope. Cabot and Heidi, on Chewink, run the boat business Lyman Morse in Maine.

We left Roatan to go to Guatemala. Guatemala includes the Rio Dulce. We went up this amazing stretch of water in the jungle with many limestone crevices and rocks, to get to Mario's Marina. From there we went to Tikal. Tikal is a Mayan civilization that was abandoned around 830 BC. Tikal has humongous temples with dizzyingly steep steps. There was one temple that was so steep, only Dad climbed to the top. Mom and I were too chicken. I got a carved wooden jaguar there. He is my pride and glory. His name is Leon ("lee-own"). We also saw Ossilated Turkeys at Tikal, as well as parrote, howler monkeys, and spider monkeys. We got back to Mario's Marina, which has a palm frond roofed lounge, couches made from ulu boats, and lots of hammocks.

When we went to Belize, we were accompanied by a pod of 6 or so spotted dolphins. These magnificent creatures played upon our bow, and Mom even touched one three times. He liked it, but my arms were too short to reach. We went to a small island with completely white sand and three palm trees that also had 150 tourists on it!! This was unusual because it was a really tiny island. The next day, luckily, they weren't there at all, and I made huge mounds of sand castles, HUGE with buckets of sand that I had to haul. The next day, the tourists were back and snorkeling with lifejackets on. That morning we left. We went to Turneffe Island, which had the best snorkeling I had ever seen in my life. No fire coral, no drop-off, and tons and tons of beautiful fish! At Lighthouse Reef, which was a closed resort, there were many paths for me to explore. Then we went to the Pelican Cays, which had excellent dinghy trolling. I even caught a little grouper. I met a girl called Christin there who was on a charter boat from Texas. She slept over on Zora. She thought Daisy was very cute.

Then we went to Isla Mujeres, Mexico (with Good Hope). We had Dad's birthday, April 1st, there. In Isla I got 4 Turnip Whelks, which are a rarecollector's item. They only live in a small part of Mexico. I also got a gigantic tiger cowrie there.

Then we went from Mexico to Key West, in the USA. It was the noisiest, smelliest and strangest place I had seen, or it seemed like that! We sailed from there to Islamorada, to visit Dad's godparents, Jack and Sunny Canning, and stay at their dock. Grampa Pete flew down to visit Dad while Mom and I went to visit Nana and Grampa Bob. My great-aunt Debbie was there, too. We had Easter there, and Nana, Mom, Aunt Debbie and I did beading. We made anklets. Mom and I drove back in the rental car and Grampa Pete was there. We went out to dinner almost every night! I went fishing with Grampa Pete. Jack, one of Jack's friends, his daughter and her friend. We caught 4 dorado (Mahi Mahi) and had a big cookout that night.

We went to the Abacos of the Bahamas next. The first night we anchored on the north side of the island. I caught 2 huge Yellowtail Snapper! There was an island with a large sand bar and at low tide I went there every day to find shells. I found lots!

We went from the Abacos to Cape Fear, North Carolina. On the way, we caught a 42# Yellowfin Tuna! This fish is excellent for sushi and, in my opinion, is the best fish you can ever get. And it was huge! We went up the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) to here, Great Bridge, Virginia. The ICW has excellent birdwatching.

So that's where we are now. I am sorry I do not have any of my own pictures for recent places. My digital camera died and we can't fix it so I can't take any pictures. It only takes really over-exposed pictures. If anyone has any idea if it can be fixed please email me. Thanks!



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